Walking With Drake

One Mother's perspective on autism.

Time For Us

For the first time since Drake's diagnosis I was able to get away with this handsome fella for an overnight stay. 

The only other time we have been away from Drake was two years ago when we went on a trip with some of the kids I taught at the time. 

I never thought we would have this opportunity. I never thought God would drop someone right on our doorstep who is more than willing to be part of Drake's world. There are angels all around us, and she is ours. 

Drake adores her. She accepts him and he knows that. He had an absolute blast and so did we. 

We ate good food, we laughed, we relaxed, and we realized we are going to do this often. We need it. My husband is my best friend and  works his behind off so that I can be with Drake and get him back and fourth to therapy. He is my hero, my safe place, and helps me keep my sanity. I have done nothing in my life to deserve such a man. I hope for Drake's sake and ours we can grow old together and enjoy many more moments like this weekend. Being parents of a special needs child can destroy a marriage. I'm so thankful that despite any trial we have faced...the only thing that has happened is more oneness. 

I am blessed. So blessed.

Thank you, Stepahine for being you and making yesterday possible.
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