Walking With Drake

One Mother's perspective on autism.

Acceptance is a beautiful thing...

I'm so impressed with myself. 

The past two holidays I've had very little jealousy or envy when I browse through Facebook and see all the beautiful family photos. I actually enjoyed seeing kids dressed in their Easter finest today and got a few laughs at some expressions on their faces.

Drake is autistic and our life is different, but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful. We spend all week in therapy while other kids may be happily learning their numbers and letters in all day preschool or practicing for the big t-ball game on Saturday.  I cannot tell you what a difference therapy is making. Our therapy team is the best and a huge blessings to us. 

So. We didn't hunt eggs today. Drake would probably look at me like, "what is the flippin' point of picking up these eggs and putting them in a basket?" It makes me giggle a little. Most autistics are so literal and I love that about them. We didn't get him an Easter basket either. Gasp! He would gag if I handed him a jelly bean or a piece of chocolate, or give it to the dog. You see, writing that makes me smile. I'm getting better. Drake is Drake and to me his personality is funny, sweet, happy, and just priceless. He doesn't care about material things. He may never. Happines to him is running outside, going next door to see Grandaddy for some Pepsi, going to tumbling on Thursdays, jumping on the trampoline, or playing under the sheets on the bed. 

This morning, Drake did stand right up in front of the church with just a little prompting and look at the camera with all the other kids. I sat back and watched in awe as he looked squarely at the camera with that little half grin. Gosh, I love this kid. 

Yes, I want Drake to be independent one day...but for now I am so happy that he is happy. I'm also glad that God gives me more peace each and every day. 

Easter blessings to you all!!
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  1. Love this one. I think Brandon would be thinking the same thing about hunting Easter eggs!