Walking With Drake

One Mother's perspective on autism.

Moving Right Along

I'll be honest.  I was dreading Thanksgiving and some of the upcoming Christmas season this year.  I guess the thing that stings the most and may for quite some time are my expectations of what the holidays should look like when you have children.  Yet...I am learning to laugh, smile, and have joy in the smallest things.  In many ways this is so rewarding. Drake LOVES the Christmas tree this year.  He is especially fond of the colored lights on my parent's tree.  I love seeing his face full of wonder and curiosity.  That. That is progress.  Speaking of progress...in the mist of all the excitement last week my tree decided to take a dive.  Yeah.  Thankfully my sweet hubby was able to fix it.  It is questionable if it will remain standing.

Thanksgiving was good.  Drake ate his favorite foods....chicken nuggets and shrimp, while the rest of us ate the usual turkey, dressing, and such.  I decided a long time ago to stop worrying about what Drake eats and his limited palate. He eats five or six different foods well.  Food is the least of my worries right now. While we were eating with my Mother-in-law and other family, Drake found an Easter basket and some eggs.  He quietly took the basket, sat down on the floor, and played with the Easter eggs. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Easter.

Of course at one point during the day we all needed a nap.  Some of us were not quite ready to conquer the rest of the day....

The lack of therapy last week is really beginning to bring out a little monster.  He gets more hyper, stimmy, and demanding with each passing day.  I'm so thankful things are back to a regular schedule. I may hug his therapist when I see her.  Thankfully Drake is not rigid about  routines or a schedule, but he does better when things are consistent.

Christmas is approaching at the speed of light.  My favorite holiday.   Not only is it the birth of my Savior, but it seems to be a time when people are more tolerant of one another.  We tend to smile a little more and just be nice.  Wouldn't it be lovely if we could keep the Christmas spirit all year long? 

 Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. Eph. 4:32

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  1. Thanks Jill, I feel like I am getting an education from you. My sister has a child who is a little autistic. He played alone with an ipad all Thanksgiving day. He is 8. He loves something called Minecraft. I got him to tell me about the buildings he was creating but I could tell he just really wanted to be left to his creating. It's hard to tell if Daniel likes being around you but he did put up with a hug from me when I left. I'd love to know more on how to build a relationship with him --so I look forward to your blog.

  2. Hey Theresa! I hope I can help you in some way. Although your nephew may seem to want to keep to himself..I can assure you that he knows what is going on around him and may not understand exactly how to engage. You did the right thing by asking him about the game. One thing that may be cool...try buying a book or printing off info on the game. Give it to him the next time you see him. Sometimes it is best to enter their world on their terms. I can give you some references to read if you're interested.